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The Magic of Sound

Sound healing is a passion of mine.

Sound of Being Journey for group and individual

Sound Healing


Vibrational Therapy

Through the exploration of sound, we discover our origins. Through healing with sound, we find our ability to channel of light. We are working with the subtle energy bodies immensely.

Catchy intro Each healer is different. Come with open mind. Elliott is a guru, sound healer, meditation artist, & mystic whose path has been set by the mysteries of inner discoveries.

Body - interest Whether you’re being afflicted by physical discomfort, mental strain, emotional constipation, or psychological disturbances or spiritual misalignment, sound healing can be part of your journey towards wholeness & recovery of your true essence as a particle of divinity manifested in physical realm. This is not woowoo spiritual fluff; but rather, a mystical dimension of existence that is being more & more understood by science as new technological tools are created. As a passionate healer, I treat each & every one of my clients with love, respect, & honoring the divine within. I acknowledge each being is here to realize their limitless potential & ultimate destiny. The sound of being journey is a beautiful & safe portal for this to take place. Your well-being & confidentiality are of utmost importance to me.

Body - accessibility Regardless of your background, delineation, cast, creed, religion, the world of healing with sound has a place in all of our lives. Science has now proven that everything in the universe is vibrating & the deeper we peak into physical matter l, we find everything vibrating & therefore creates a sound. Sound is the consequence of the very nature of this existence. Utilizing vibration, frequency, & sound with the power of intention within a safe container, we can heal ourselves from the inside-out.

I am not saying that I will cure all your ailments with sound. Oftentimes, we require a whole team of practitioners to bring what we have become into what we have always been — or ourselves back into a state of health & exuberance — but, at least we can rediscover the joy & deep magical nature of sonic expression within ourselves to enlighten the path we are on to align ourselves with truth so that we can live well & free. There is an alternative to this reality we are living in. There is another way to live than out of harmony. It is in my scope of practice that I show you another way simply through being with sound in another way.

Ending I sincerely invite you, & look forward to, explore this magical realm of Sound Healing with me.

Anoesis Studios

If you have never enjoyed a sound bath or a sound healing before, then music like this may be unfamiliar to you. If that’s the case, then welcome to a new sonic experience! 

The purpose of a sound bath is to engage your senses in a conscious listening process that brings your awareness into the present moment and soothes your nervous system. Sounds are chosen that help to slow down a busy mind and interrupt negative thinking patterns, replacing all that inner noise with something very clear, beautiful, and still - a calm state of mindful presence that is inherently healing.

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