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Meet Elliott

           For as long as he can remember, Elliott has been captivated by the inner and outer workings of this vast experience we call human consciousness. He recalls a lifetime of being intensely curious, driven, and passionate to know what being alive is all about and why so many of us suffer by our own hands. Taking self-knowledge seriously inspired him to act upon the call to be a healer with his meditations and beyond.

           Elliott also works closely with sound healing, music, and body art to rejuvenate, elevate, and activate human potential. His passion to uplift and inspire others has been realized as his dharma. The seeker in him has found a home in leading people back to themselves where they can embody their potential and unique expression. Elliott resides in Melbourne, Australia, and travels locally — and internationally — for personal or group treatment, events, and public speaking.​

          With over a decade of yoga and meditation teaching experience, Elliott is dedicated to offering ancient practices to the modern audience while maintaining the integrity of the transmission. Elliott's classes are comprised of discussions, reflection, movement, and celebration. He is well-known for his piercing insights, warm nature, and soothing voice to guide any seeker with an interest in consciously crafting their own paradise. Elliott loves to empower people on their own personal journeys to achieve elevated wellness.

Consciously Creating Healing

Meet Elliott

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